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How to Order

It’s super simple!

Visit our catering store from any device. The home page will ask you to indicate how many people you are serving, what time you want the food ready and if you want the food delivered or picked up from the restaurant. There is a flat delivery fee of $25-$30 (depending on the location of delivery).

It will also, at check out, ask if you need utensils with your order or not. If you do need them it will charge you $1.75/ per person for plates, napkins & eating utensils. Serving utensils come with every order. After you’ve input all of that essential information choose the yummy food you want to serve your guests, and check out!

If you ever have any doubt about how much food to order, the system will tell you at the bottom of the screen if you have enough food or not. As always, you can reach out to for further questions.

Who We Cater to

Embrace the joy of catering with us- it's a celebration for locals and visitors alike! Let us bring delectable delights to your family, friends church gatherings, weddings or corporate events. Whether it's in the comfort of your home, a rental, a hotel room or a fantastic events space, we are geared up and ready to make your occasion unforgettable.

From budget friendly options to mid range delights and all the way to the grandest affairs on the Grand Strand, we are thrilled to be your go-to catering team, adding a dash of excitement to every moment. 

Father/Daughter Duo

Ted Hammerman’s entrepreneurial minded family and his fascination with designing and improving fishing gear helped build his impressive reputation as a legendary fisherman and businessman. 

Willing to explore different interests and take calculated risks, Ted found himself on a path as a creative, determined fisherman and entrepreneur. His daughter, Sheina Hammerman, waitressed in the first Mr. Fish restaurant at just 14 years old.

Later, she graduated from the highly respected Culinary Arts Program at Johnson & Wales before she joined her father opening up another Mr. Fish restaurant that expanded into the popular Mr. Fish seafood restaurant and Mr. Fish seafood market that continues to grow in Myrtle Beach today! 


Pick Up Your Catering on the Way to Your Party!

Be the Hostess (or Host) With the Mostest! At least the most (and best) food.

If you’re lucky enough to be put in charge of coordinating your family’s or company’s holiday party, save yourself a few steps and let us prepare delicious food for everyone! You can order online for fresh pick-up so you can wow everyone with the freshest restaurant-quality dining AND have plenty of time to enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine before the festivities begin!

Allow 48 hours for pickup. If you need the order ready same day or for next day pickup, please call us before ordering.

Plan Your Guests’ Meals

The last thing you want to do is is run out of food for your guests! Make a list of all your invited guests and be sure to plan for a few extra party crashers just to be safe. We have plenty of options that are sure to satisfy everyone – even Todd from accounting.

If you’re having trouble deciding which dishes work well together, one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to assist you with your meal planning.

Make a Quick Stop for Your Fresh Meals & Enjoy the Party!

Before your event, plan on stopping by to pick up your order. Everything will be fresh and ready to make an entrance so your guests can indulge their seafood appetites!

Order Your Favorite Dishes Online

Once you have an idea of how many guests you'll be serving and their preferences, select mouth savoring platters and dishes to fill up your online cart. We have chicken wings for the non-fishy folk, fresh seafood platters, and beautiful sushi trays for a stunning display of cuisine. Next, fill out your billing information and please disregard any of the shipping questions as all of our catering dishes will be picked up fresh at your convenience!

We'll Confirm All the Details With You

After you've completed your order, we'll review everything and call you to confirm all the details to make sure everything is perfect! We'll coordinate the best day and time for you to pick up your order. Please be sure to include the best way to reach you by phone and email! 


Do I have enough food?

The system tells you if you have enough food to feed the amount of people you put in the system, however every event is different. We will be more than happy to guide you on the proper amount of food to order for your event. We have told people several times that they ordered too much or not enough and guided them appropriately. We would much rather you spend your money wisely and have the proper amount of food so none goes to waste.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We charge a $25-$35 delivery fee depending on the distance. We deliver & set up the food how you see fit.

Do you provide Full Service catering?

We certainly can! Contact us directly to talk about details to see if we are available and if it’s a good fit! Email us at to set up a time to discuss full service. 

What is the difference between Delivery and Full Service Catering?

  • When we deliver, we typically arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule, unpack and set up the food in the area you would like the food to be set up. We put the plates, napkins and eating utensils on the buffet, as well as the serving utensils in front of their designated food items. If you order disposable chafing dishes we will set those up for you as well. Once the food is out, we check out with someone and leave. 
  • Full Service Catering is exactly that. We bring everything needed from buffet tables, simple linens (black or white), chafing dishes, trash cans, plates, napkins, eating utensils, serving utensils. We set up, serve and clean up. You will have labor there during food service hours (typically 3-4 hours from start to finish) to make sure you do not have to do a thing. Full service is a customized plan and worth every penny! 

Do we provide space at the restaurant for in house events?

Depending on the day and time, yes! That’s another unique question for one of our managers. Contact us at for more information.

Do you provide chafing dishes to keep the food hot?

We do! On the bottom left hand side click on Utensils and the only option available is Chaffing Dishes. $10/each and you get the frame, water pan and two sterno fuels. We can advise you on how many you may need based on the size of your menu.